Our Staff

Tiffany Jorgensen

Tiffany is Friends of Historic Belltown’s President as well as our lead historian and preservation advocate. Tiffany provided several pieces of key evidence that supported the successful landmark nominations of the Wayne and Franklin apartments, Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, Griffin Business School and Sheridan Apartments.

Tiffany is a tenacious researcher and has an amazing ability to not only find historic information but also to put it all together and tell the rich and colorful stories behind Belltown’s historic buildings.

When she’s not busy saving historic buildings, Tiffany is busy working as a chef, kitchen manager, and all-around culinary pro in our local restaurant industry.  Tiffany’s work has given her a direct, results-oriented approach to problem solving that she applies wonderfully at Friends of Historic Belltown. She likes to say “I work in a kitchen. I don’t have time to get mad at people. I need to solve the problem and get the plates on the table.”


Beck Prigot

staff beck

Beck is FHB’s information and community engagement manager and is a loyal advocate and contributor in all of our activities.

Beck is also an excellent public speaker, and her testimony given at historic preservation hearings often includes great imagery and intuitive messages that resonate with City officials.

Beck recently graduated with a Masters Degree in  Library & Information Science from University of Washington Information School — and as you know, information is power! So we think Belltown is pretty lucky to have Beck on their team.


Steve Hall

Steve is FHB’s environmental, regulatory and land use planning specialist. He prepares most of FHB’s formal documents. He is also working with the Belltown community, the City of Seattle, and developers to identify ways to help make new developments respect, reflect and enhance Belltown’s traditional character.

Steve is an environmental consultant with more than 20 years experience working with the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

He is also a Certified Wildlife Biologist® and has found urban planning to be a lot like wildlife management. One of his favorite sayings is  “people need habitat too!”

Contact Steve: 206.441.1882   shall@pointconsulting.us