Who We Are


FHB’s president Tiffany (on left) and our historic archivist and researcher, Beck


Friends of Historic Belltown is a community-based, non-profit corporation that works with others to increase the collective sense of place, identity, and community within one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods: Belltown.



Priority #3: BUILDINGS

  • Protect Belltown’s historic and iconic buildings
  • Encourage new development to reflect, respect and enhance Belltown visual, cultural and economic character

Saving_Belltown_101_CropWhere it all began: the Landmarks Hearing Board Meeting–October 7, 2015 — where the Belltown community successfully argued to designate the 125-year-old Wayne Apartments on 2nd Ave as an official City Landmark.20160328_183913_Richtone(HDR)alley2nd 3


Priority #2: BUSINESSES

  • Promote local, independent and affordable businesses by promoting small, affordable commercial spaces and by identifying and cultivating profitable and socially-engaging business ideas.
  • Use local knowledge and the principles of environmental psychology to identify new business models that create the feeling and functions of community.



Priority #1: BELLTOWNERS

  • Sustain and support Belltown’s historic workforce culture by protecting and promoting affordable housing so that people who work downtown can afford to live downtown, including young adults and foreign-born residents
  • Develop apprenticeships, small-business incubators, and other programs to help our local workforce continually develop their skills, value and earnings
  • Encourage Belltowners to engage with City planners to promote Belltown character and values
  • Respect and promote the continued presence and cultural values of indigenous peoples 
  • Sustain and support ALL Belltowners — include diverse cultures, races, and
    incomes; recent, long-time and future residents;  young and old; rich and poor; housed and homeless; healthy and ill; intoxicated and sober; growing families and swinging singles; and everyone in between!

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