Volunteer and Pro Bono Opportunities

Join us in our work!

Volunteering with us is a great chance to meet new people, do good work for your community, and build and demonstrate your professional skills.

And professional/corporate folks: please consider us as possible pro bono clients.  We have plenty of opportunities for professionals to show-case their work to a broad audience – and to work on some really cool projects with some really cool people! : )

And if you just want to help but don’t have anything specific in mind, please give us a call and I’m sure we can find a way to put your strengths and interests to work!


Here’s a partial (but long) list of things we could use your help with:

Historic Preservation

  • Historical research and inventory
  • Advocacy and attending/speaking at public meetings


Belltown Urban Habitat Study

  • Assist with designing and implementing a comprehensive inventory of our neighborhood
  • Conduct street inventories
  • Conduct 1-on-1 interviews with Belltown residents
  • Prepare working maps



  • community engagement and education
  • food, entertainment and space for community events
  • event planning/facilitation/management/security
  • social media and public relations



Media and apps

  • video, animation, photography, staging
  • website design/management
  • mobile app development
  • database design/management
  • GIS and CAD and online mapping tools


  • grant and proposal writing
  • T shirt printing, button/pin/sticker making
  • promotional art and marketing

Professional Services

  • document design, editing, formatting and graphics
  • legal representation
  • historical research
  • architectural and urban planning and analysis


logo As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions: please contact

Steve Hall