What we are doing…




  • Working to preserve the Wayne and Franklin apartments as historic buildings for use as work/live spaces, as housing, or as independent, local businesses
  • Updating the City’s inventory of Belltown’s historic, iconic and character buildings
  • Developing a Belltown Historic Preservation Plan and Nominating Priority Buildings and Sites as City Landmarks
  • Nominating a portion of Belltown as a City Landmark to help tell the continuing story of the Duwamish Tribe and other indigenous people


We are working with the city, landowners, businesses and the community to

  • Inventory and map Belltown’s community assets and public and private realms
  • Maintain portions of 2nd Ave between Wall and Lenora as the heart of the Belltown and designate as an Arts and Culture district
  • Establish an Economic Development Management System that encourages development of great places to live, learn, work and play
  • Create the Belltown Underground — where new developments build underground spaces for people, not parking.  “BARS NOT CARS!”
  • Create a pedestrian alleyway (a “woonerf“)  with sitting and bar/restaurant/business access in the alley that runs from Mama’s to the Crocodile


  • Initiate a formal, comprehensive neighborhood planning effort with the City of Seattle that allows Belltown residents, business owners, land owners to work together to shape a future Belltown that will still be Belltown…only better!