Quick Update on Mama’s, the Wayne and the Franklin



Mama’s building to go to Landmark hearing

As far as we know, the owners of the Mama’s building are still planning to demolish the existing brick building — built in 1924 — and construct an 8-story apartment building on the site.

oringinal plan for site
Developer’s initial redevelopment concept for the “Mama’s” building.

As we have been expecting, the developers have submitted a nomination to designate the existing building (at 2234 Second Ave) as a historic Landmark (not yet available online, but FHB has obtained a copy).

However, we’re pretty sure the developers don’t actually want to have the building designated. If all goes as expected, the developer’s attorney and architect (the same one that prepared the nomination) will argue against the nomination in front of the Landmarks Board.

That is why it’s so important for the community to come together and support this nomination, just as it did for the Wayne Apartments.

The nomination hearing is not yet scheduled but will probably be sometime in August.

We are expecting that the public hearing for this much-loved building will be a major activator of the Belltown community, so stay tuned!  

Save-Our-Belltown-poster_artThe Wayne

We were sad (but not surprised) to hear that the owner of the Wayne Apartments has requested that the Landmarks Preservation Board grant an economic hardship exemption so that he can tear the building down (or sell it to someone who will).

We have a few leads and other strategies we are pursuing, so all hope is not lost and the story is not yet over.  Stay tuned for updates!

frankThe Franklin

The owners of the Franklin Apartments (4th and Bell) are working with the Landmarks Preservation Board to try to tear down the Franklin Building (except for the two street-facing facades).  They propose to build a 24-story apartment building on the properties between the Franklin and Belltown’s historic Fire Station 2, the oldest working fire station in Seattle.

We see this entire block as a critical part of Belltown’s character, look and feel, and we hope to be able to work with the City and the developer to create a project that will ADD to Belltown’s character and values, not take away from it.

We are participating in the applicant’s discussions with the Landmark Board and are also working on a letter to request the City begin early review of the proposed action under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

The proposed 24-story apartment building will greatly change 4th Ave. We’re hoping to convince the developer to at least include some cool affordable units for downtown workforce housing.

2nd Ave Community Block Party

Friends of Historic Belltown has been contacted by the great folks at Under the Needle to support their annual 2nd Ave Community Party and Art Show proposed for Saturday, August 20th between Blanchard and Lenora.The event will include artists, performances, and wrestling (yep!).  Under the Needle is a keystone Belltown business that we think contributes greatly to our block-party-coverBelltown culture, look and feel, so we’re all in on helping them with this project.  Check out this artsy video they made from the 2015 event here.

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